Website design Durban

Thanks to CSS Winner, our flag-ship website's 11th website re-design has been nominated for the Best CSS Website for May again! To vote, go to the css gallery.

24 May 2012   5 views   Link

The re-design and re-launch of Itheku Bay Security brand and website.

20 May 2012   35 views   Website

A brilliant version 8 of Goldtree that brought much attention to the design genius of the team at Goldtree.

15 May 2012   49 views   Website

Ranked at number 5 on serach for more than 6 months? It happened this time.

Pre-March 2012   5 views   Website

The beautiful gold-themed website that combines pure CSS design and Flash into the User Interface quite unobtrusively.

10 May 2012   51 views   Website

Getting a website user interface to match the simplistic user interface required by the client proved to a very intensive excercise but it worked very well.

08 May 2012   5 views   Website

The Inanda Taxi Association's new brand strategy invloved two trips to the heart of KwaZulu Natal.

02 May 2012   5 views   Website

When the illustrious Mr. Nala invited us for an early coffee, we didn't disagree - and its been an awesome ride ever since.

11 April 2012   178 views   Website

Thembi had red website that needed a rapid redesign. It was a red flashing website and she required a wedding webisite that simply works. We made it work.

6 April 2012   309 views   Website

The bakery that has been serving delicious cakes for celebrities and the public for delicious treats in Durban needed a new website. They called us.

5 April 2012   289 views   Website

Getting the new logo completed for the SNDA Consortium Consulting agency based in Westville, Durban and Zambia.

27 March 2012   550 views   Website

BMK Consortium Engineers hired us to design their website.

11 March 2012   755 views   Website

Version 8 of the illustrious Goldtree Interactive Design agency.

Pre-March 2012   1011 views   Website

Version 7 of Goldtree when it was still called the Durban Website Design company.

Pre-March 2012   546 views   Website

The Westville, new Website Design for SADL Consulting company.

Pre-March 2012   1540 views   Website

The beautiful website redesign for the brand new portal for the Family Butcher meat delivery service based in Phoenix, KwaZulu Natal managed by the illustrious Jared Deonath.

Pre-March 2012   2167 views   Website

Website design for Mzansi Conferences perfected for Sakhile and his wife by our new designer, Babalwa Mehlomane

Pre-March 2012   3288 views   Website

New portal design for the officail KZN Tyre Fitment centre, TyreQuest's website.

Pre-March 2012   2530 views   Website

Natures Nutra Website design for the Pharmaceatical company based in the United Sates of America and right here in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Pre-March 2012   2870 views

A collaboration effort with IT Excellence, a design firm based in Umbilo, Durban, KwaZulu Natal for the Rust Bullet Website

Pre-March 2012   5 views   Website

Professional magazine website design for Genuine Media, the new kid on the block for the hottest new gossip ans scandal rocking the nation of South Africa

Pre-March 2012   3220 views   Website

Forex trading company approached Goldtree for a new portal to advertise their services online and on print. We started with the logo and wesite and the rest is in the history books.

Pre-March 2012   5297 views   Website

This is official website for Jazz Muscian, Philani Ngidi and yes, it was a firm favourite - but he chose to go for the non-flash version. We agreed.

Pre-March 2012   5238 views   Website

We have always loved the idea of working under immense pressure and yes Jay D Kay, the yourng RNB Singer requested us to a website in record time for his pre-launch and music portal website and we replied with a beautiful dark full screen responsive design.

Pre-March 2012   5644 views   Website

This is the first website render that we carried out for the Westville, Durban and Lusaka, Zambia based-website design firm and yes, we believe it rocked.

Pre-March 2012   5443 views   Website

A soft and very gentle User Interface that soothes the soul was the design behind this beautifully elegant new portal design for our church, SDA Umbilo - and the team am trully honoured for the opportunity to give back.

Pre-March 2012   200 views   Website

The idea was for a provocative website that promotes lingerie without being cheap and floozy. Something elegant and classy for the Fashion House - a website that makes one linger, boy or girl....

Pre-March 2012   2787 views   Website

The new website for Lauren Shapiro, the freelance journalist and super blogger based in the small Morningside suburb in Durban. This minimalistic design has been one of our best website designs for 2012

Pre-March 2012   2901 views   Website

A beautiful re-design for the KwaZulu Natal Izululethu Events Co-ordinating company founded by Nozipho Majola

Pre-March 2012   3302 views

Buy A Car template design for the Register Page and layout for the Login Page design proposals

Pre-March 2012   3335 views

Zwelibanzi High Schools based in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal's first website design which is very much alive with possiblity

Pre-March 2012   3391 views   Website