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How to select you right price package

Which price suits me best?

The R1800 range targets small to medium websites with the option to upgrade to CMS at any time for only R2400. Higher up we target more demanding web applications with intergrated search, blog, forums and CMS allowing you to get the best out of the web.

You can view our web design prices here.

Does Goldtree accept "C.O.D."?

We no longer accept Cash On Delivery terms, due to the nature of the design process. Instead we now require a standard charge to be levied on hiring our services. The low budget solutions are contract-free so you will NOT be obliged to pay if you are unsatified. Should the work have passed the 75% completion mark, refunds will be calculated at the cost per hour for work done.

What payment methods are best?

The best way to pay for our services is to use cash deposits or EFT if your bank has the facility. If you wish to request our banking details for making payments, please contact our Billing Department at billing@goldtree.co.za.

Do I sign a contract?

For Web Design, Logo Design and Emarketing and for SEO, yes. For hosting, no. The contract gives you the client a clear view of the way the web design or search enginme optimization project will be handled from start to finish.

We only commence work once proof of payment has been received. Right-click here and select save to download a sample web designer contract for your viewing and inspection. The Web Design contract and SEO contract is simplified and plain English is used for ease of understanding.

How and when can I start?

1. We have simplified the process greatly. To you right, there is a very simple online form. Fill it in and click next.
2. Click here to download the contract form. View it and understand it.
3. Alternatively, send us an email to activate@goldtree.co.za and we will contact you with final confirmations before project commencement.

Important For New Web Clients

Web Design Discounts

We extend this offer to businesses that are new and cannot yet afford expensive online solutions.

For the selection process we may need to verify that your business is trully a Start up.

You could save thousands.

Hassle-Free Payments

We are no longer dealing with PayPal® or other 3rd Party online payment systems. To pay for websites we are accepting Bank Transfers, Cheque Payments and cash exclusively.


No hassles.

Once-off Contract

We have recently changed the way we do business in order to protect legitimate potential clients who wish to go online.

You may sign a non-obligatory contract that allows you receive what you pay for.

Its a pre-paid package with a signature on it!

Web Design Price Structure

Web design price is a very simple science. The cost of a website is directly linked to:

  • The raw hours of coding that will go into the project.
  • The number of coders that will be assigned to the project.
  • The nature of the project - 'Is it a database driven solution?' or 'Is it a simple portfolio?'
  • Client initiated requests, ie, a Flash-based intro, extra maintenence.
  • Third Party software that may need to be purchased, eg, off-the-shelf CMS's.
  • Expected & highly accurately predicted future costs and their estimated handlings in deploying the project.

As you can see, the pricing is one hundred percent dependant on the nature of the project itself and rarely has anything to do with the financial worth of the company that has requested that Goldtree Web Designer draw up an online solution for them. We believe in ethical dealings and that is one of the grandest reasons why we sleep very well every night!

Also, our costing process gets accredted by our very experienced and impartial partners before approval of any project and that means accountabilty is spread hence minimising the occurance of over-pricing that can occur for any web application that we develop.

Web Design Prices in Durban, and South Africa

The prices of web design in Durban here in South Africa are one of the lowest in the world. The analysis that we at Goldtree carried out shows a trend that can be summed up this way:

   1. In Gauteng Province, Johannesburg and Pretoria are the highest pricings with some companies starting at a minimal R25 000 per website.

   2. Cape Town comes in after with some Web Designers charging a minimal R18 000 for just a single job.

   3. At the bottom end came in Durban and Port Elizabeth web designers each with minimum charges for Web Designs that bordered between R6000 to R10000.

The anomaly in pricing comes with the economic territory as well skills territory. Johannesburg has the highest GDP in South Africa and that in turn dictates that it should command higher rates than anywere else locally. Cape Town also follows in that same regard. Durban and Port Elizabeth have much lower GDP's than Cape Town and Jo'burg PLUS the cost of living in Durban is also ver low in comparison. The lowering of cost of living PLUS the fact that it is a holiday resort city, means there is a general ""Life Is Good" feeling dominating the KwaZulu Natal capital. This in turn means that the average Durban Web Designer is not overwhemingly hungry and will therefore means a drastic reduction in service costs in comparison with other cities.

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