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Designs - Beautiful website design portfolio of designs completed in 2011 to 2012 from the Durban Design Agency.

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2011 - 2012

See our website design work from 2011 to 2012 as we grew from strength to strength ensuring that our valued clients received beautiful and inpirational web designs.

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Best Website Design 2010

Beautiful Full-screen Website Design Layout For Family Butcher
by Goldtree Design  |   on  01 April 2012

Goldtree Durban Summary: Beautiful portfolio of websiste designs dating back from 2010 to 2011.
Author: Goldtree Durban

A beautiful simplistic flash-incorporating full-screen website design for the brand new online portal for Jared, the CEO of the largest butchery, the Family Butcher located in Durban, KwAzulu Natal, South Africa in 2011!

We opted for a middle budget price which suited Jared Deonarth, our partner and client quite very well!

in XHTML, CSS  | full screen website
A comprehensive website that would represent the KZN Meat Delivery & supplies giant. We rolled our sleeves..
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
April 02, 2012.
in XHTML, CSS  | full screen website
We got approached by team Jah Productions for a simplistic website that would cement their online presence on the web...
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
in HTML, CSS  | three column website
A resurgence to the design of SADL and we did it in style. This is just how Goldtree rolls!
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
in HTML, CSS  | full-screen
The re-launch of their brand as a world-leader of a vision that spans over 10 years! This websiste not only looks good but works good!
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
in HTML, CSS  | full-screen
This website was quite a huge success and unobtrusively displays the works and offerings of the Consulting Engineering giants from Westville in Durban in a very positive way!
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
in HTML, CSS  | clean, full screen
A website redesign from the original which is to be re-launched very soon. watch this space for updates regarding launch!
Software Version: XHTML 4.0
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Our portfolio is composed of 100% beautiful websites simply because we can and because our clients would not have it any other way!


Why make a website design so beautiful that it mesmerises audiences?

Beautiful Website Design 2012
Why do some companies go the extra mile to ensure that their website designs stand our very distinctly more beautiful than others? That is aquestion you as a client never wish to ask when you find yourself at the wrong end of service delivery. You would be rather more preferably find yourself in an F1 Mclaren with the end in sight and feeling the crowd chanting your name as you cross the finishing line - wouldn't you?

Well, here at Goldtree we are simply into beautiful websites and that has been the case since vwe got into the industry some odd 4 years ago. In that time we have not designed a single website that made it to the online scene without being absolutely good looking!

It has been our motto, it is our motto and will always be our motto to:
  • Think Beautifully:
    To think beautifully means to have aspirations only for the very aesthetically pleasing. It means your very thoughts center around all that is beautiful and reject the rest.

  • Fine-Tune Design Skills:
    Our team has an almost intimate knowledge of graphic design and website design skills and we always encourage further learning and better performing software so that we can meet our goals more rapidly.

  • Deliver What We Have Loved First:
    If we do not like or love the designwe will not even bother to give it to the client. Our vetting process is a no-nonsense approach that always seeks to minimize time wastage and deslays due to rejectals. So we always go the extra mile to ensure tha we love your design even before you love it yourself!

Looking at our motto always makes our hundreds of clients and partners often wonder why other designs firms do not follow similar design patterns. But its easy to see - there can only be one Goldtree. And that Goldtree is us :)

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For our clients in Cape Town and our valued web design clients in Johannesburg, we recommend using our Durban contact details should you need very urgent attention.

Our complaint turnaroud period is normally 7 days and full resolutions are normally achieved in 30 days.

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