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How Geographical Locations Affect Website Design Pricing in Durban and the World. A Highly Edited Article Featured In The Ezine Articles.

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Learn how to recognize and avoid falling into Geo-determined price zones as a website design professional.

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How Website Design Pricing Is Geozone-affected

While most professionals have experience and skills related reasons for either increasing or reducing website design prices, the location of a designer has started to show some quite surprising correlation.

The gross domestic production index is curiously a leading factor when it comes to determining the price of design campaigns. But little has been explored in the terms of just how much what we called the "holiday factor" can and is already affecting the way services are priced all over the world.

1. The Locational Factors:
For instance, someone located in a highly paced city in an affluent region will typically charge what the local competition is charging so that they appear as competent as their counter-parts. Low service pricing often gives away a scent of lack of confidence in a professionals service delivery.

So the question remaining on one's mind is ultimately, "What makes the designers in one geographical location to charge so much less for design as compared to 95 percent of designers in the design world?"

It is not very complicated:

Factors that influence designers: - Prevailing outlook of life per region affects commodity and service pricing.

- The levels of safety and comfort-zone that come at a low price result in lower charges in service delivery as well.

- Therefore, a prevailing situation of low-cost living works in the direction of prompting service delivery costs to also get lowered in tandem.

2. There are multiple benefits of this:

- Aesthetics in environment often stimulate aesthetics in design.

- If design comes easy, the designer often does not feel the need for higher compensation.

- There is rarely a need for expensive holiday getaways since the designers are already located in a holiday city - or in an environment that has a very high level of good feeling.

Gross domestic product, comfort-zone factors and cost of living dictate that designers from varying levels of these to require different remuneration for their products and services.

The inevitable establishment of a steady flow of good feeling that naturally stimulates positive thoughts and positive energies that in turn are translated to the websites and Search Engine Optimization work that are carried out by designers in coastal cities that also boast of low costs of living will inadvertently be lower than those with the opposite.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule - through keen discernment one can investigate the pricing of goods and services, will see a trend starting to unfold as one sees a trend of designers charging based on the geographical location.

It is an observable fact, and observable facts have a place in science itself, one that shall not be covered by the scope of this argument but prompts anyone to actually investigate this thesis - and they will eventually come to the same conclusion.

All amendments and further suggestions to this article are welcome!

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This feature has been featured in the Ezine Articles here.

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