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posted by: Des  |   on 02th May 2011  |  SEO, Durban, RSA

The difference between the revenue generated from a commercial website that is occupying first page on search compared to another commercial website that is on page 7 of Search Results is like comparing a car with fuel and one that does not have fuel.

By failing to appear on at least the first two pages of Google Search on topics related to your business on your local Search means you have a car with no fuel. On the highway.

The right alternative is to get your web presence optimized so that you get maximum exposure on the Internet. With that decision made, the rest of the equation settles into place quite comfortably.

Get some SEO up in there!

Get Optimized Simply owning a website is not enough.

Getting your web design done is the first step. The purpose of owning a website or websites is all about increasing the amount of attention that one gets for his particular line of business or core activity and hence enhancing the chances of experiencing higher number of what we loosley refer to as your online audience - which inadvertently leads to a higher amount of generated income.

When there is no SEO at all done on your site, through perhaps a huge content base, you may become visible but rarely on the first page. Extremely rarely.

You may become what Google loosley calls the "Invisible Web" - part of that group of websites whose pages have never been picked up and indexed by the major search engines.

Quite frankly it means you have reduced your website to a mere Business card referral point. Only people with your business card or who have met you will know you have a portal on the internet which you use to market your website.

But there is hope for your future very successful online presence. And the price is rarely as deflated as it was some odd 24 months ago. Quite frankly it has had a massive dip, meaning that even you can afford to get SEO done on your website.

Most online service providers in developed countries & in rapidly developing countries like our beloved South Africa, even here in Durban experience an ROI of over 1000% monthly from ranking high on Search Results.


For our case study, you are the client. You are a spring cleaner. Before SEO on your site you used to earn an average of R25 000 per month. You invested R50 000 into a Search Engine Optimized website with full Social Integration and SEO copyrighting for the initial 2 years. This is how it goes up:

1.  In the first month you get nothing from your website. No queries. Nothing.

2.  In the second month, your websites hits page one on queried search results, eg: "Spring Cleaners, Durban", on vital keywords. You get 32 enquiries. 11 of those enquries generate actual sales to the amount of R12500.

3.  In the third month you get 130 enquiries. Out of all those 130 enquiries, a total of 35 serious enquiries generate actual raw sales amounting to R28 000 of business.

4.  In the fourth month sales from online queries generate R55 500 in total.

5.  In the fifth month, sales from online queries generate R69 500 in total from a total of 213 enquries.

6.  In the fifth month, sales from online queries generate R63 900 in total from a total of 233 enquries.

Lets get back to basics. Now get a calculator. Lets add the monies that have come from your initial investment in just five months.




Yes. A return of investment of R229,000 from an initial investment of only R50,000 in just a space of 5 months. Now what about the remaining 7 months if SEO efforts persist? Just how much do you think the return from the R50,000 of investment will turn into? 

Its just a thought...

Or is it?

While it is true for most types business that the ROI is always in a certain proprotion 'in relation' to your amount of investments, the ROI from web design is very different. It is so much higher in terms of percentage gain over the amount you put in. Check out our latest take on SEO prices here and become enlightened on what really goes on.

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