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There is a simpler way to culture Search Engine Optimization:


  • Every SEO Package is Unique The heart of SEO lies in the improvement of your ranking on the popular Search Engines like Google and Yahoo. Because your keyword and keyphrase "ambitions" are different, so will the price determination of SEO be. Always. Anyone who claims otherwise is a blatant liar.
  • The customer is NOT always right. The uniqueness of SEO means sometimes egos will be trodden on quite ungraciously in using tried and tested methods of increasing Page Rank despite the clients insecurities. Why? We use White-Hat, Google approved, Search Engine Optimization simply because we know it works.
  • There is no fixed TIME in SEO.Anyone who puts highly ambitious claims to the effect of "WE WILL GET YOU 1st PAGE POSITION IN 3 MONTHS FLAT" is a blatant liar. Google Plus

Table of Prices



Number of otptimized key words
12 max Keyphrases 13 - 24 Keyphrases +35 Keyphrases
High Quality Links Built
Up to 20 +35 links +60 links
Initial web pages to be copyrighted
0 (page tweaks) 5 web pages +20 web pages
3-monthly page copyrighting rate
5 (page tweaking) +10 limit +30 limit
Page-load time otpimization
0 (analysis only) +2 pages +10 pages
Landing page re-rebuilding
Initial 6 months 12 months 24 months
Web traffic analysis (Google Analytics)
Analysis of hosting server
Full research of key-phrases
Creation of ROBOT.txt files
SITEMAP building & optimization
WEEKLY NEWSLETTER & advertising.
Images ALTERNATE attribute building
Ongoing full consultative process
Link REDIRECTS & DIRECTORY submissions
Canonicalization Fixes
Blog integration with RSS feeds
Comprehensive link-baiting campaigns
Aggressive Social Marketting campaign
Video, Podcasts, News, Social content
Index page (backlink) correction
Strict UNIQUE CONTENT ONLY filtering
INFLUENTIAL PR SITE backlink exchange
301 Redirects SERVER Error Correction

Understanding SEO

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  • Why SEO : For many, it has become a buzzword, but why should you really...
  • ROI : What is Return of Investment and how can you ensure a profit in the game...
  • SEO Price :Many times clients often gape at the sheer enormity of SEO Price, but once they see the benefits, the gape turns into smiles...
  • Getting Started : Start on your journey to knowing more about the world of SEO...

The beauty of SEO is that when it has been thoroughly understood, it becomes apparent why it is a core issue among those wishing to make the most of their web presence. Most of the companies that have invested in getting websites also find the allure of topping search enquiries from major Seach Engines.

Simply owning a website is not enough.

It means real returns on investements when your website tops queried search results across a broad scale.

Our job is to steadily guide your web presence until you achieve the heights that you desire...

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