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Natural SEO is more "permanent". Google still loves Natural SEO. A much easier solution to SEO. Before you sign up for any firm to do your SEO, or SEP you need to first get a grip with the building blocks of what is easily one of the more challenging aspects of web design. What is SEO? How do keywords work in SEO? Get all your SEO Basics here. Every SEO firm encourages Y.O.U. to sign up for their saliva inducing SEO packages, but what really counts? Why you probably need SEO. Simple DIY tips for the Layman. There is a simpler way to culture Search Engine Optimization. On SEO Prices : Every SEO Package is Unique. The heart of SEO lies in the improvement of your ranking on the popular Search Engines like Google and Yahoo. Because your keyword and keyphrase "ambitions" are different, so will the price determination of SEO be. We use White-Hat, Google approved, Search Engine Optimization simply because we know it works. There is no fixed TIME in SEO.

Logo Design & Digital Artwork

We perform a consultative role as well as technical role in assisting brands like you to have the necessary artwork that they require for their projects. Branding / Logo design concepts. Business Portfolio / Card design. Corporate / Letterhead / Email design. Pull-up Banner / Flyer / Advert design. Custom Diary / Calender design. CD cover / T-shirt/ Apparel design Magazine Cover / Content design Digital Photo re-touching

Web & User Interface Design

We have grown and are getting better at "listening", "observing user behaviour" and applying "short-straight-road" approaches to ensuring that your websites does what you want it to do and evokes the right kind of emotions from its online visitors. We have a reputation of creating solutions that work through: Intuitive Web User Interface design Modular Coding for re-usability Content Managed System solutions Joomla/Wordpress/Sitefinity templating Photoshop to HTML5/CSS3 Conversions CorelDraw to HTML5/CSS3 Conversions

Live Consultancy & Agency Partnerships

Goldtree is an old dog with new tricks with our new breed of branding and marketing that offers one-stop solution to start-ups, small businesses and corporations targeting with aspirations for solutions of unrivalled quality and attention to details. Goldtree has formed an alliance network with experts from various industries, agencies, media and print companies in Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Zambia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

UpdatesWebsite Design Updates

Because everyone loves their work to stay fresh and up to date.

FastWebsite Design Updates

We want you to launch in a few hours what others take days to accomplish.

FreshWebsite Design Updates

You love to be unique in design and code - we always start from scratch.

ControlWebsite Design Updates

All website owners get their OWN control panel, for emails and everything.

ClarityWebsite Design Updates

We make it clear so that you know what you are getting and you know when.

"Thank you so much for the professional work you have rendered to our company, the art work and designs are perfect. We had very specific requirements and you met all of them with ease. Keep up the fantastic job that you are doing."

Alfred and Khuthala

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