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Last Update:
Jan 2011

Dynamic Website Design

Predictions have become Mobile Reality

With the advent of mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and iPads range, the Samsung Galaxy range of devices dominating world-wide mobilre device sales, it means that more and more people are actively using their mobile desvices to surf the web. A short while ago, someone predicted that up to 90% of all website visitors would consist of users on mobile devices.

That prediction has become true. Most Interenet users are now surfing using mobile phones and tablet pcs

The definition of a mobile website is:

"A website that has been designed ins such a way that it retains full functionality whilst being easily viewed and used on any mobile device eg, a Samsung U700 and an iPhone 4"

While the mobile website tries to keep all functionality, eg, logging, searching, updates, etc, the bulk of images, beautiful backgrounds and even slideshows will be EXCLUDED from mobile websites. This is because some phones do NOT support high speeds for downloading heavy images and some phones do NOT have a certain ability to handle the running of slideshows.

Therefore, whatever is deemed to not run on the majority of phones will be excluded.

Also but very importantly, the layout of mobile websites is such that ALL links are easily visible and are easy to click on.

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