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Making a business website that works - yes, its not just about selling delicious cakes!

Getting a website to work well and getting it to look good are the challenges that face all designers on a daily basis. There is always a temptation to just focus on aesthetics above functionality and sometimes one wants to action pack a website such that it looks like the new social media giant. The key is to strike a favorable balance...

For our good friend and an excellent bakery, by the way we decided to give him a website that would:

1. Have a snall page load time
2. Render well across multiple browsers and devices fluidly
3. Look quite good - really.
4. Immediately get picked up Search Engines and rank well due to good design practice and content.
5. And work. Work really well.

After approximately 4 days we had the work ready for presentation and the only thing that Theo said was,"Beautiful, beaautiful - Thuso... its really beautiful - I like it. "Our work was satisfactory... But would it work? Would it look good to rest of the world? Take a look at some screenshots of navigation, slide shows and the overall looks for your self...

So how did we help Dickson Tailors to have a "GOOD LOOKING" as well as "WELL-WORKING" website? Read on...

The Website Header

Reddys Bakery Website Layout

Please Note: Once again, the image above is NOT a sketch of what we brain-stormed for the website - even though it DOES strangely look like it. You see, unlike a bulk of website design companies in the universe that "adhere to design normalities", we do NOT.

As a source of inspiration, we spent close to 7 hours looking at the competition's designs and we were not motivated. We decided to look at alternative solutions - like brain-storming. It worked. We hade some good resolution that made an impact - and a beautiful design was born.

The Website Color
Website Design Color

Red and white were easy to select as they has been the official colors for the bakery since inception. The great thing about Reddy's Bakery was that we had already tasted their delicious cakes - so we felt that we were connected with the product. This was good for inspiration. Very good. Sio it basically meant that if we painted a gorgeous beautiful story, we were on the right track, their cakes were really inspiring!

We decided to go with a front-page slideshow to promote some of the cakes that our client had made, including some for President of South Africa, President Zuma, the ANC, celebrities like Rebbecca Malope and L'vovo Derango. We had our busy hands very happy indeed!

The Website Tools
We used something else in the design - our Design Team's good old fashioned Samsung Galaxy S2s became more than just a plaything. we had to shoot some high-res photos and so we did. We shot from the store front, we shot from inside, we shot some cakes. Yes, this design was going to be very photo-centric. When it comes to visual designs - we turned to a well known Graphic Design tooll called Corel Draw. This program is very handy for creating designs on the fly and can produce the same high-res and rich images that Photoshop produces. We spent some time making sure that the editing tool trully portrayed the ideas that we wanted to be imprinted in the minds of visitors! But we still used the tools that we trust for design...

Durban Designer Durban Designer Durban Designer Durban Designer

... which saw some very neat application using our guidelines of USABILITY, cleanliness of the USER INTERFACE and most importantly, does it WORK.

There is a standard that every proffessional sets for themselves, ours is quite ambitious beacuse we have a belief that we shall see our best work tomorrow - not today, and not yesterday. we have good hunch that 99& of all visitors will agree that the brand new Reddy's Bakery website works.

Want to see it live? No problem, click this link and you can see it yourself.

Yes, comments are OPEN!

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