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Jan 2011

CMS Based Webdesign


CMS Websites image Imagine your website as a magazine. Like Cosmopolitan. Imagine you are reading a story and you decide that the picture going with the story is not good enough. So you decide to literally rip it out and replace it with another one that you feel will convery the meassage that you are trying to put across in a better fashion.

Or even better, you change the wording so that it makes more sense. And then you have a flash of inspiration and you decide to add an extra page material. And to top it all off, you can simply close this magazine and every person in the world can somehow now see a newer edited version. By you!

Well, you have the heart of CMS or Content Management Systems for websites right there.

A CMS should allow YOU, the end-user, the ability to easily edit the content of your live website and to re-design the editable areas confidently.

The Goldtree Website Designer has extensive experience in the 3 most popular content management systems for web site editing:



Sitefinity CMS Website CMS Logo Image

A relatively new player in the CMS industry boasting extensive Microsoft ASP support. This is a personal favorite at Goldtree due to its ease of use and its extremely sexy interface.

To read more about Sitefinity, click here


Wordpress CMS Website CMS Logo Image

The 5th of November 2010 marked 32 million users officail users of Wordpress CMS. WORDPRESS's popularity stems from its blog-abilty. It is hailed as a pioneer in User Friendly CMS and is holding its fort very tenaciously.

For small to medium websites, this is the CMS of choice for many online portals and it continues to grow in strength of numbers evry day.

Press wordpress to go.


Joomla CMS Website CMS Logo Image

The Joomla CMS is easily the most robust feature Content Managemnent System with a monstrous community of followers. It is used to handle a much more powerful set of tools that are inavluable to high-end users as opposed to the avreage layman.

It allows certain arward winning features that sets it apart. Press Joomla to go.

As part of our drive to encourage the use of CMS to manage the content of websites, we are dropping the price of CMS to a whopping R3999 for the first 100 clients to SMS the word "CMS" to 071 521 0017 (or +27 71 521 0017 for those outside South Africa).

This promotion will run until 31st of January 2012, at which point Team Goldtree may or may not decide to keep the price so trite.

The first 20 clients will qualify for free domain registration and hosting for 12 months! Start texting now, it's not too late to make a perfect decision in 2012!


Tell us about your new project and our team will assist you with details pronto!

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