Professional calender slips are the best way to continue being in the mind of all your clients long after the meeting is over.

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Jan 2012

Calender Slips Design


Complimentary Slips Durban alender slips have a dual purpose. Long after you have left the office, the person to whom it was sent to is often found checking the calender not only to check or mark a date but to also use the details there to contact the company on the calender. In the corporate world, calenders do not go un-noticed and a calender ensures that your business entity will get the recognition for the calender long after you have sent it and the well-designed one does the best job.

We will assist you in designing an appropriate calender slip layout that can be modified accordingly to different situations in which the slip may need to be used. The calender slips must always have a logo and address plus phone contact details thus ennsuring that your brand is fully promoted on the slip itself.

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You can view some of complimentary slip designs here.

If you need your calender slip designs to be designed by the best and most affordable design company in the land, please call on 031 827 6386 or contact us and one of our very friendly designers will assist you.


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