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Last Update:
Jan 2011

Brand Re-Design

It all starts with the logo...

No matter how big or how small, we do it all. Our team of talented graphic designers is always on the hunt for new projects and they have a ferocious appetite for pleasing our clients. This is why we have one of the strongest logo designs that have graced the land of South Africa for the last 3 years.

When a brand needs a new revision or it is simply not working the way you intend it to, the team at Goldtree will assuist you in conceptualization of your new logo and will also assist you in coming up with a minimum of three solid variations depennding on your initial investement in the project.

If you need your brand to be revised by the best and most affordable branding company in the land, please call on 031 827 6386 or contact us and one of our very friendly designers will assist you.


Tell us about your new project and our team will assist you with details pronto!