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Wedding websites for planners should always bring that soothing calminf effect on its visitors that assure them of trust and reliabilty. The User interface of this design is tesimony to that. The ability of this beautiful Durban website to display such a rich user interface with zero flash is a design victory that shows what can hapen when great minds come together with one purpose!

The client required a website that would emphasize her company's core duties whilst not reducing in any way at all the aesthetic aspect. We decided to go with a simplistic JQuery powered valid XHTL and CSS2 website design that used as much CSS3 as possible in order to minimize image loading time.

As a very strict request had landed on our ever-attentive ears about the need for videos, we decided to head over to YouTube were we dutifully uploaded all the content of video archives as well as new wedding videos that we wanted to ALSO be shared from within the new website design.

To minimize page loading times and encourage as much user interaction as possible for visitors to the website we decided to make it a fluid one-page website so as to ensure that users with slow connections would not be punished by bandwith hungry solutions.

The result is a very clean and pleasing to the eye website that may very well win a couple of Design Awsrds, not just here in Durban but internationally as well! While you are here, why don't also preview the 35 best website designs of South Africa?

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Goldtree Durban Designer Summary: The panel of Judges that set up the nearly impossible of task of selecting the best designs of South Africa.
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2823 websites later - 126 500 seconds later - half a cartoon of Rooibos later - 5 tantrums later and quite frankly drowsy from unreasonable working hours, team Goldtree finally finished our first "Best of Websites List".

But either way - share what you think below (HINT). Get a short review of yours if you like :)

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