I design the very items that you will see on your computer screens and on your mobile phones. I like to build and improve on existing digital products.


This fancy word involves improving and re-imagining how existing existing digital products and brands work. Using the information gathered by studying how humans interact with that product, I then draw up conclusions that can change how millions of people use the software that they love - very intelligently and using real data. UXd mean User Experience Design, just in case you were wondering.

My digital products are built with love & care

Information can be easy to grasp and even the most complex concepts can be made to be easy to understand.


Since 2009, I have spent more than 10 000 hours designing digital products and delivering services that people use and love. It has been a mix of web sites, business brochures with sprinkles of logo design and user interface designs. Recently, more than 85% of the requests that I have been receiving, are to build the user interface designs for mobile apps for Android, IOS and to a lesser extent, Windows 8. It would be great to kiss n tell, but I cannot do that for now, I beg your pardon :-)

Primary Services

I have grown. I have learned. And, I have changed. Yes, I will do whatever you request. For you to trully experienceour best efforts, I offer a Product Management role. That way, I will bring all the services of Art Director, UXd and Front-end Design to your project. Are you thinking of using me? I would like you to do so.

Some of my skills are: Custom Web Design, Website Re-design, User-Interface Design, Dynamic Site Development, Mobile Website Design, CMS Solutions & eCommerce Solutions. And PSD to HTML Conversions & CDR to HTML Conversion. Including Brand Strategy & Brand Re-redesign.

I also do Logo Design, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Complimentray Slips & Calender Slips.

And last but definitely not least: Magazine Design, Business Profile Design, Banner Design, Digital Print Design, Search Optimization, Pay-per-click Management, Reputation Management, On-site Optimization ∓ Conversion Tracking

Plus Emailing Strategy, Newsletter Design, Campaign Management, Email Signature Design & Outlook Setup.

In the last 4 years I have concentrated mor on UX, building products with experience in mind: Ideation, Wireframing, User Journeys, Task Flow Diagrams, Mockups, Icon design and all the other micro-tasks involved for IOS (mobile & tablet), Android, Desktop and web Apps as well as Smart Watch App Design.

And I continue to learn.

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