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While most airlines overdo their online portals as they try to enticce you to "fly" with them, Thai Airways is ver different in that it doesn't do this at all. Instead, you are greeted by a very gentle website that does everything to calm the spirit - or buy at ticket! Good work from Firehose, the Cape Town media house!

Author: Team Goldtree Durban

Goldtree Durban Designer Summary: The panel of Judges that set up the nearly impossible of task of selecting the best designs of South Africa.
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2823 websites later - 126 500 seconds later - half a cartoon of Rooibos later - 5 tantrums later and quite frankly drowsy from unreasonable working hours, team Goldtree finally finished our first "Best of Websites List".

But either way - share what you think below (HINT). Get a short review of yours if you like :)

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Geo-Locations Affect The Pricing of Website Design
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While most professionals have experience and skills related reasons for either increasing or reducing website design prices, the location of a designer has started to show some quite surprising correlation. Also featured in the Ezine Articles Ezine Articles Logo.

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